2pc Thin Alice band with bow


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Most of our products can be supplied on clip strips or in counter display units.

We can supply bespoke carding & barcoding options.

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2 pc thin Alice band with bow in assorted colours.

Sold as a case of 6 units.

Each unit consists of an ‘Emelia accessories’ card, with 2pc thin Alice band with bow, which includes: 1pc pastel purple Alice band and 1pc pastel pink Alice band, or 1pc pastel grey Alice band and 1pc pastel pink Alice band, or 1pc pastel green Alice band and 1pc pastel pink Alice band.

Each case contains the following colours: pastel pink, pastel purple, pastel green, pastel grey.

Every card measures approximately 6cm x 6cm.

It’s the perfect hair accessory for your every day needs, or even for special occasions.


Typically a case of 6 units will contain 6 hair accessories set of the selected colour. However alterations can be made so please contact us if you require different colour combinations and we will do our best to accommodate these.

Similarly we do Emelia Accessories tags and barcodes as standard. However we can supply bespoke carding and barcoding options on request.

Product suitable for display on stands, clip strips and counter display units.

RRP £1.99 per unit.


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